Bob's Best Vitamin D3

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Bob's Best Vitamin D (as low as $17.95)
90 Tablets / 30 Day supply Formulated by Robert Barefoot

Anyone who has seen or heard of Bob Barefoot knows that he is an influential, and often controversial advocate for the use of coral calcium.  Those who have read his books and/or followed his anti-disease protocols also know that he often places an much emphasis on the importance of vitamin-d supplementation. Vitamin D is both a vitamin and a hormone. It's a vitamin because your body cannot absorb calcium without it; it's a hormone because your body manufactures it in response to your skin's exposure to sunlight.  Bob Barefoot recognized a couple of problems concerning humans and vitamin d.  First, our bodies can naturally produce it's own vitamin-d; as much as 20,000 iu's an hour when we are out in the sunlight.  Knowing this, it's absurd that anyone would imply that 5,000 - 20,000 iu's of vitamin-d a day is too much.  That led Bob Barefoot to a second issue, where to find capsules that provided an adequate amount of quality vitamin-d, and at a price people could afford.


    Bob's Best Vitamin D

    Supplement Facts

    90 Tablets / 30 day supply. Formulated by Bob Barefoot
     Nutrient  Amount per serving   % Daily Value 
    Vitamin D3  (as Cholecalciferol)  15000 IU  *3750%


    * Daily Value Not Established
    Other Ingredients: Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate.


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