Bob's Best Coral Calcium 2,000mg

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Bob's Best Coral Calcium 2000 (as low as $24.95)
90 Caplets / 30 Day supply Formulated by Robert Barefoot


Bob Bob's Best Coral Calcium 2000 mg
100% More of the most important ingredients!
100% More Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Folic Acid
25% More Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12

FORMULATED BY ROBERT BAREFOOT - Bob's Best Coral Calcium 2000 mg is manufactured according to the exact specifications of Robert Barefoot. The renowned biochemist and author of the Calcium Factor, Let's Cure Humanity, Death by Diet and the New Books Barefoot on Vitamin-D "The Cancer Inhibitor" and The Disease Conspiracy "The FDA Suppression of Cures"
BIOLOGICALLY PERFECT - Bob's Best Coral Calcium 2000 mg contains the naturally perfect calcium to magnesium balance with a 2:1 ratio. This is only possible by using the "Gold Standard" SMP 44 Marine Coral Calcium from Okinawa Japan.


Formulated by Robert Barefoot: Coral Calcium "Supreme" was developed according to the exacting specifications of Robert Barefoot, Author of "The Calcium Factor" and renowned bio chemist.
The Okinawan Difference: Bob Barefoot's "Bob's Best Coral Calcium" contains beneficial microbes unique to Okinawan coral and aids in the digestion of calcium and other nutrients.

Biologically Perfect: Bob Barefoot Coral Calcium "Supreme" contains the perfect calcium to magnesium balance with a 2:1 ratio.
  • Mother natures calcium not man madeom Okinawa, Japan
  • As seen on TV with Bob Barefoot - Formulated by Bob Barefoot
  • 50 times as much calcium 50 times faster absorption
  • Contains over 60 trace minerals
  • 600 year track record with millions of testimonials
  • The amazing natural coral mineral supplement

The Ultimate Multi - Mineral and Multi - Vitamin Supplement
3 Tablets Daily Assist in the Maintenance of Optimal Health
Mother Natures Calcium, Not Man Made
Collected with Ecological Safety
Safe and Effective - Contains NO PCB's, Lead or Mercury

THE OKINAWAN DIFFERENCE - Bob's Best Coral Calcium 2000 mg contains beneficial microbes that are unique to the Okinawan coral. These microbes are believed to assist in the digestion and absorption of calcium and other critical nutrients.
THE U.S. SURGEON GENERAL - Recommends children, women and men consume adequate amounts of Calcium and Vitamin D to help build and maintain strong bones.** Additional functions of Calcium include support for proper muscle contractions as well as nerve function and relief from PMS.

More on the importance of calcium:
Everyone knows that calcium  is essential for building strong bones and teeth. But did you know that it is also important for maintaining a normal heartbeat and regulating blood pressure - and it even helps with the healthy functioning of your nerve system? In addition, some studies suggest that calcium supplements may help relieve premenstrual syndrome (PMS). And it doesn't stop there - some studies also suggest that calcium supplements may be able to reduce colon polyps.
Coral Calcium is an amazing natural element and is prescribed by many doctors in many countries.*


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