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Why Coral Calcium?

Bob's Best Coral Calcium?

Bob's Best Vitamin D!

NOTE: Don't let labels fool you!  We buy our Bob's Best Coral Calcium, Coral Calcium Supreme, Vitamin D and Oxy Plus Supreme DIRECTLY from Robert Barefoot so you can be assured you are getting his endorsed formulation.

Coral Calcium is an amazing natural element and is prescribed by many doctors in many countries. Our Vitamin D, Oxy Plus, Bob's Best Coral Calcium and Coral Calcium Supreme is Robert Barefoot's exclusive formulation and has been featured in numerous infomercials shown on television.

The Products you receive from Coral Calcium Supreme will carry the Official UPC Code. All Authentic Robert Barefoot Products have this bar code. If you are purchasing products that do not have the code shown here, you are receiving an inferior copycat product. These other Coral Calcium products are most likely using ineffective and unproductive low grade ingredients.


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